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Training Pants Pattern

Training Pants Pattern
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Training Pants

Training Pants

Sleep Dry Briefs

sewing patterns

Bedwetter pants in
sizes 5 to 16.

Training pants are absorbent underwear worn by children who are learning to use the toilet. Training pants are not pull-on diapers and are not as absorbent as a diaper. They are supposed to contain big messes due to accidents but still allow a child feel normal accidents.

Training pants that feel like a diaper prevent a child from realizing that there is a difference between diapers and underwear. Children are more likely to grasp the concept of using the toilet when they know there is a difference. This pattern contains instructions for making training pants with or without a waterproof outer layer and with or without opening sides. The side opening pants should always be fastened first
and then pulled on as underwear and not put on as a diaper. Deciding which style to make is a matter of personal preference.

Suggested Fabric for Non-Waterproof Training Pants:
100% Cotton Flannel, Interlock, Jersey, Knit Terry, French Terry.

Suggested Fabric for Waterproof Training Pants:
Same as above, PLUS any thin, soft waterproof fabric such as polyurethane laminated polyester or nylon.

*HINT!* Please remember that you are making underwear. Ask yourself if the fabrics you are choosing are those that you'd find comfortable to wear!

Choosing the Right Size:
Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
up to 26

Fabric Required:  Pre-shrink all fabric before cutting!
Sizes:  1, 2, 3 5/8 yard
Size:  4 2/3 yard
Sizes:  1, 2, 3 5/8 yard
Size:  4 2/3 yard

Notions:  Thread.  1/3 yard 1" wide hook and loop tape (optional).
Waist Elastic:
Sizes 1, 2 and 3: 1/2 yard 5/8" wide braided elastic
Size 4: 5/8 yard 5/8" wide braided elastic

Leg Elastic:
Sizes 1, 2 and 3: 3/4 yard 3/8" braided elastic
Size 4: 3/4 yard 1/2" wide braided elastic

Sewing Level:  Easy!

Machines and Methods:  Training Pants are sewn completely on a regular sewing machine.

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