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Swim Diapers Pattern

Swim Diaper Kids
Swim Diapers Pattern

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This pattern is no longer available. A new version is coming out.

Swim Diapers are required for infants and non-toilet trained toddlers in an ever-increasing number of public water parks, swimming pools, lakes, beaches and other recreational swimming facilities. Swim diapers are not meant to be water-proof or even absorbent but to contain solid waste in the event of an “accident” while baby is swimming. If an “accident” occurs, it must be taken care of immediately to avoid contaminating the water. Once the swim diaper is thoroughly cleaned, it can be reused.

Fabric / Construction Information:
New Conceptions swim diapers require a layer of polyurethane laminated polyester AND either an inner lining layer or an outer decorative layer of another fabric. Polyurethane laminated fabric is commonly used to make water-proof covers for use over cloth diapers. Whichever way you choose to layer your fabric, the shiny laminated side of polyurethane NEVER touches the child’s skin.

Option 1:  Outer layer of polyurethane laminated fabric with the fabric side facing outward, lined with a lightweight cotton or polyester knit on the inside next to the child’s skin. Option 1 is recommended when the color or print of the fabric side of the polyurethane laminated fabric will be showing on the outside of the swim diaper.

Option 2:  Outer layer of decorative swimsuit fabric with an inner layer of polyurethane laminated fabric. Option 2 is recommended when the polyurethane laminated fabric will be used as the inner lining and a decorative fabric will be showing on the outside of the swim diaper.There are no functional advantages or disadvantages to either option. It’s strictly personal preference and fabric availability.

Suggested Fabrics:
Option 1:  Outer Layer - Polyurethane Laminated Polyester knit (1 mil. to 2 mils. in Lining - Swimsuit lining, lightweight Spandex®, lightweight cotton or polyester tricot, interlock or jersey.

Option 2:  Outer Layer - Swimsuit fabric containing Spandex® for outer layer. Inner layer - Polyurethane Laminated Polyester knit.

Choosing the Right Size:
Small Medium Large X-Large
0-3 mon.
Up to 15 lbs.
6-12 mon.
16 to 25 lbs.
12-18 mon.
22 to 32 lbs.
18-24 mon.
27+ lbs.

Fabric Required:
Size Option 1 Option 2
P.U.L.* Lining Swimsuit Fabric P.U.L.*
Small 1/2 yard 1/2 yard 1/2 yard 1/2 yard
Medium 1/2 yard 1/2 yard 1/2 yard 1/2 yard
Large 5/8 yard 5/8 yard 5/8 yard 5/8 yard
X-Large 5/8 yard 5/8 yard 5/8 yard 5/8 yard

*Polyurathane Laminated Fabric

Thread.  1/2" wide braided elastic for the waist and 3/8" wide knit or braided elastic for each leg. See elastic table below.

Size 1/2" Wide 3/8" Wide
Small 3/8 yard 1/2 yard
Medium 3/8 yard 5/8 yard
Large 1/2 yard 5/8 yard
X-Large 1/2 yard 2/3 yard

Sewing Level: Easy to moderate.

Machines and Methods: No serger required, regular sewing machine only.

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