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Side-Snapping PooPockets!™ Pattern

Side-Snapping PooPockets Pattern
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Side-Snapping PooPockets

Side-Snapping PooPockets

double breasted body shirt

Free instructions for creating new styles by combining patterns.

Suggested Fabric:
Inerlock, Knit (stretch) Terry, Jersey, French Terry, Sherpa Terry, Terry Towelling, Flannel. Any fabric that is soft, durable, and absorbent will make excellent diapers. 10% cotton fabrics will be the most absorbent. Some fabrics, such as knit terry, are more durable with some polyester, not less than 75% cotton is recommended.

Choosing the Right Size:
Small Medium Large
Up to 12 pounds 12 to 22 pounds 22 to 35 pounds

Fabric Required:  5/8 yard for one diaper.
If using a combination of fabrics, such as interlock for the main diaper part and kint terry for the absorbent inner pad, then use 5/8 yard for the diaper part and 1/2 yard for the inner pad.

You can get more diapers per yard when cutting several out at the same time.

Notions:  Thread.
1/4" Wide Braided Elastic:  All Sizes: 1/3 yard
1/2" Wide Braided Elastic:  Size Small 1/3 yard, Sizes Medium and Large 3/8 yard.

Sewing Level:  Easy to moderate. If you can work with elastic in casings, you can make Side-Snapping PooPockets!™

Machines and Methods:  Side-Snapping PooPockets!™ Diapers can be sewn with a serger or a regular sewing machine. Sergers tend to sew the fastest and finish the edges of the diapers neatly and durably. Regular sewing machines set to zigzag stitches or other overcast stitches can be used effectively to imitate sergers. Just a simple straight stitch done with a regular sewing machine and a method called 'stitching and turning' creates beautifully finished diapers.

Helpful Hints:  Side-Snapping PooPockets!™ Diapers can be made in as many ways as there people who make them. PooPockets! can be made entirely of one type of fabric or a mix, for instance, flannel for the main diaper body and knit terry for the absorbent soaker pad. Choice and combinations of fabrics are a personal preference. There are advantages and disadvantages to all choices. Some things to consider when choosing your fabric are: comfort, absorbency, durability, and drying time.

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