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Diapering Lessons:  Pre-Fold and Wrap

Fold each side of the diaper in toward the center as though in thirds, but fold less at the back edge and more toward the front so the diaper is narrower across the front and wider across the back.

Fold the front edge up to fit the size of the baby or diaper wrap. Lay the diaper in the diaper wrap.

Special Note:  Many diapering instructions recommend folding the diaper into exact thirds. This method often does not provide complete coverage to contain baby's stools.

Place the baby on the diaper/wrap so the back edge is just about even with the baby's waist (belly button).

Bring the diaper up between the baby's legs, pleating the center a little if necessary. Fan the diaper out a bit for maximum coverage.

On one side, bring the back of the diaper around to overlap the diaper front, then bring the back of the wrap around to overlap the front of the wrap and fasten it. Repeat on the other side.

Check to be sure that the entire cloth diaper is inside the diaper wrap. If there is any cloth sticking out, tuck it in, otherwise, when the baby wets, the wetness can wick onto the clothing.


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