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Diapering Lessons:  Using Pins

Fold the diaper to the desired size and shape. There are many websites available that show various folding methods, enter diaper folding into a good search engine and the results will come up.

If necessary, fan out the back of the diaper to create enough overlap for pinning.

Bring the back of the diaper around to overlap the front of the diaper.

Keeping your fingers between the diaper and the baby's skin, hold the diaper together between the thumb and forefinger.

Insert a sharp diaper pin through the layers at an angle and fasten.

HINT:  Sharp pins are essential for safe diapering so that they slide through the diaper with little effort. Storing pins poked into a bar of soap or rubbing them horizontally on your scalp before use will lubricate them, too.

Repeat on the other side.

Now simply put a diaper cover over the diaper and you're finished.

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