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More for Your Money

It's my pleasure to thank you for your pattern purchase, by offering FREE detailed instructions, online, that will show you how to change and/or combine New Conceptions' patterns to modify garments or create completely different styles altogether, thereby getting More For Your Money per pattern.

When you click on an image below, the Adobe® file or linked page will open in a new window. To get the most from this section, read the instructions from start to finish before you begin. These instructions are designed for use with patterns from New Conceptions™ only. You must already own the patterns mentioned to take advantage of this section. If you do not already own the patterns mentioned, you can order them by clicking on 'Sewing Patterns' in the left side menu.

Materials Needed:  Paper (Large enough for pattern pieces; a 24" wide roll may work well),
T-square, Quilter's Ruler or some other ruler than can guide you in drawing perpendicular lines, Pencil, Eraser, Scissors or Rotary Cutter and Mat.

Instruction Format:  For ease of viewing and printing, the instructions are pdf. files viewable with Adobe Reader®. If you don't already have this program on your computer, you can download it for free by clicking on the icon below.

One-Hour Bodyshirt™

Double-breasted Bodyshirt
Pocket n' Stuffer
Style PooPockets!™

Pocket 'n Stuffer PooPockets!
One-Hour Bodyshirt™
with Appliqué

One-Hour Bodyshirt with Applique
One-Hour Bodyshirt™
with a Pocket

One-Hour Bodyshirt with Pocket
All-In-One Diaper
Style 1

One-Hour Bodyshirt™

One-Hour Bodyshirt with Color Block
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