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Diapering Lessons:  Laundering Cloth Diapers

Note About
Diaper Covers

Diaper Covers should not be washed with the diapers. They should be washed with the clothing. Fasten them securely and leave them right-side-out. Most covers can go in the dryer, but they will last longer if they are air dried.

Dunking &

No Way!

If your baby is breastfed, there is absolutely no need to dunk & swish. Just toss those diapers into the diaper pail as they are and let the washing machine do the work.

If your baby is formula fed or has started solid food, it's necessary to drop the solid waste into the toilet. There are water spraying devices that attached easily to the back of the toilet and rinse the mess off without any trouble. Otherwise, a rubber spatula kept near the toilet in an empty yogurt cup is very handy.

Into the
Diaper Pail

Wet vs. Dry Pail:  A "wet pail" has a soaking solution in the diaper pail and a "dry pail" has nothing. If using a wet pail, be absolutely certain that the diaper pail lid locks to prevent accidental drowning. Nothing needs to be used in a dry pail, but pure baking soda (cheapest when purchased in bulk) sprinked on the bottom can help deodorize.

Place the wet and soiled diapers in the diaper pail until there are two dozen. It's best not to wash more than this in one load so the diapers can get washed thoroughly.


Some machines are more efficient than others and new models even have a sanitary wash cycle. Front loading washers may be able to efficiently wash more than 24 diapers at a time.

1:  Wet pail only, run the diapers through a spin cycle to remove the excess soak solution.

2:  Optional, pre-rinse cycle with cold water.

3:  Wash with hot water on large load setting. Do not use natural soap since the oils can coat the diaper fibers making them less absorbent and trap rash-causing bacteria. Do use regular, inexpensive detergents, but only use half the suggested amount. Rinse with cold water.

· Do not use bleach!
· Do not use liquid fabric softener!
· Do use vinegar in the rinse occasionally to combat   soap/detergent residue and to refresh. A Downy   Ball® can be used for the vinegar.


Dry on high for about 60 minutes. The heat will help sanitize the diapers. Drying in the sunlight also sanitizes them.

Using 1/2 a fabric softener dryer sheet will not significantly effect the absorbency of the diapers.

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