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Diapering Lessons:  Cloth Diaper Glossary


Diaper:  Absorbent fabric, usually cotton, wrapped, folded or sewn to fit a baby like underpants to absorb excrement.

Diaper Cover/Wrap:  A waterproof or water-resistant pant that is worn over a cloth diaper to form a moisture barrier between the diaper and the clothing. Many diaper wrap styles also hold the diaper in place without the use of pins or other fasteners. Sometimes, a knitted wool diaper cover is called a soaker.

Diaper Doubler/Booster:  An absorbent fabric sewn or folded, similar to a long sanitary napkin, and placed down the center of a cloth diaper for added absorbency.

Liner:  This is optional. A thin layer of material laid in the diaper, the purpose being that when the baby messes, the liner can be rinsed or disposed of more easily than the whole diaper. A liner can be washable, flushable, or disposable.

All-In-One:  The absorbent fabric diaper and the waterproof cover sewn together making a single-unit cloth diaper/diaper cover combo.

Anatomy of
a Cloth Diaper

Inner:  The layer of a cloth diaper that is against the baby's skin.

Outer:  The layer of a cloth diaper that you see after the diaper is fastened onto the baby.

Inner Pad/Soaker:  The thicker, absorbent, center part of a cloth diaper, usually, but not always, between the inner and outer layers. Sometimes, a knitted wool diaper cover is also called a soaker.

Wings or Tabs:  The back part of a diaper that wraps around to the front when fastening it on a baby.

Types of
Cloth Diapers

Flat-Fold:  27"x27" single
layer square folded to fit.
Most economical.

Pre-Fold:  Layers, side-middle-side, are indicated like this 4-8-4.
Second most economical.

Contour:  Like a shaped pre-fold, usually hour-glass shaped.
Similar in cost to pre-folds.

Fitted:  Tailored with elastic,
may be self-fastening or not.
Varying price range.

Pocket 'n Stuffer™:   A fitted diaper with a removable soaker.
Varying price range.

All-In-One:  A fitted diaper
and cover sewn as one unit.
Most expensive option.
Styles of Diaper
Wraps/Covers &
Wool Soakers

Diaper Wrap:  Fastens with Velcro® or snaps in front, fits snuggly, holds the diaper on.

Side-Snapping Cover:  Snaps on each side, fits loosely, airy, diaper must be fastened on.

Pull-On:  Pulls on like panties, no fasteners, fits loosely, airy, diaper must be fastened on.

Soaker:  Knitted or crocheted out of wool, these are some-times called a butt sweater.
Diaper Fasteners

Pins:  Easy to use, even an 8 yr. old can use them, I did.

Snappi®:  Easy to use, stretchy rubber with gripping claws.

Clips:  Good idea, but some are rather bulky, easy to use.
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